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Individual Services and Classes

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Programs and services offered to individuals are designed to help clients begin their path or reach new levels on their journey to optimal wellness through mind, body, and spirit. Our programs not only allows you to discover a new approach to proper nutrition, but helps to see and understand how possible outside factors are influencing negative behaviors.


We understand that people deal with issues they may not understand such as emotional eating, binge eating, etc. that skew perceptions on eating habits and contribute negative health outcomes. Perseverance Health & Wellness Coaching is not only about teaching you how to eat healthy to achieve goals, but understanding all components for an overall healthy lifestyle and wellness.

All of our programs are designed to help you understand your why . Why is changing your lifestyle important to you now? Why and how did your negative eating behaviors form? We  believe that a lifestyle are formed through consistent habits, and we want to help you with the tools to form healthier habits.



Packages that we offer can be found here, otherwise we do offer classes that do not require you to sign up a full package if you are not ready to commit.

Some examples of group sessions include:

- Eat to Live: Cooking classes teaching how to eat and cook delicious foods

- Eat This Not That: Guide to understanding what is considered healthy food and what is not

- Good Snacking: Tips for preparing healthy snacks and how to eat them throughout the day

- The Bitter Side of Sugar: Learn the truth behind sugar, and how it impacts your health

- Emotional Eating Course: Addressing baggage to lose weight

- Binge Eating: What is it, and tips to manage it



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